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We extend the payment period for goods you purchase by up to 90 days. There are no long-term agreements, hidden costs, or lengthy procedures. We handle purchases of goods from as little as PLN 100,000 per purchase cycle. Learn more about our clients

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Medical industry

We can help you buy goods and start importing on more favorable terms.

Food industry

We help you get the best deals.

Renewable energy

We can help you procure parts to scale up operations.

Trade sector

Limit how much of your own funds you use to purchase goods.

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What we do

We've been helping companies purchase goods and defer payment deadlines for years. Many years of working with factoring companies have allowed us to develop a truly unique service. We help our clients make timely payments to their business partners. We enable companies in various industries to the liquidity they need to grow. Before the goods are delivered, After the goods have been delivered.

Our offer

We offer an innovative solution that allows companies purchase goods with extended payment deadlines. All you have to do is negotiate terms with your partners - as you normally would - and then let us know about the final arrangements. Then, Facil will make the purchase, your supplier will deliver the goods directly to your company, and you will have 90 days to pay for the goods. You can use our services whenever you need them, and you only pay a margin for the purchased goods (no fixed fees).

Defer payment by up to 90 days.

Purchases from as little as PLN 100,000 per month.

No fees to access the service.

Learn about the FACIL platform

Apply using the online form. Our system will analyse your information and allocate a credit limit for your purchases. Send us your orders and we will complete the purchases. You can check the invoices currently issued to you, the deadlines for payment to Facil, and the currently available credit limit in our online system.

Client profile

Minimum 18 months in operation

Business registered in Poland

Polish and EU suppliers

Benefits for your business

Cash flow issues shouldn't limit your business’s growth With an open purchasing limit and transparent rules and regulations, you can focus on expanding your business.

Maintain liquidity

Don’t let cash flow issues limit your growth

Avoid exchange rate risks

Always settle purchases in Polish zloty.

Increase your purchasing power

Negotiate better early payment terms and discounts with your suppliers.

Improve your relationships with your business partners

Build a stable and mutually beneficial relationship with your business partners by paying up front.

React to opportunities

Use Facil’s services to purchase goods at the best available price.

How does it work?


Place an order with your supplier

Confirm the order with Facil

Facil makes the purchase

The goods are delivered to you

Repay the amount due on the agreed date

The most important questions

  • What goods can I purchase with Facil?

    Through us, you can purchase any goods from within the European Union customs area that are not subject to licensed trade. Our activities include financing the purchase of solar cells, heat pumps, energy storage devices, and the other components necessary for the installation of photovoltaic systems.

  • Can I purchase services?

    No, our offer only applies to purchases of goods.

  • What currencies can I purchase in?

    You can make purchases in any currency. Your payment to Facil will always be in Polish zloty.

  • How much can I purchase?

    Before you purchase with us, we will analyse your company's financial information and allocate a purchase credit limit.

  • Do I have to make all purchases from a particular supplier via Facil?

    No - you can decide whether to carry out a certain purchase via Facil or directly with your supplier.

  • What will the payment period for my purchases be?

    Standard payment terms range from 30 to 90 days.

  • Can the payment deadline for invoices be extended?

    No, payment deadlines cannot be extended.

  • What are the additional costs of working with Facil?

    The only cost - apart from the cost of purchasing the goods - is our margin, as well as interest in the case of late payment. When you work with us, you pay no additional fees - no commission for granting the credit limit, no administration fee, and no fee for purchasing less than the limit.


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Medical industry

When the date of payment is an obstacle Having too little time to pay invoice may prevent you from importing goods, especially on favourable terms. We make those transactions possible, with no additional costs. An entrepreneur in the medical industry decided to import equipment from Italy. However, despite an annual turnover of between 50 and 100 million PLN, he just couldn't meet the strict payment deadlines. Our service was the solution. With our help, the project could get off the ground.

What's more, the equipment manufacturer offered a substantial discount in return for payment up-front, which more than covered our margin. The client, in turn, got a 60-day payment period at no additional cost. If your company has had difficulties purchasing goods due to short payment deadlines, don't hesitate to contact us. That includes if you import goods from EU countries – even in large volumes. Remember to negotiate a discount in return for up-front payment. That way you’ll get double the benefits!

Food industry

There was a great offer on the market - with our service, the client was able to take advantage of it and get a really good deal.

In the food processing industry, the prices of semi-finished products can fluctuate significantly. Buying when prices are low can help you optimise your margins; unfortunately, our client wasn't always able to order ingredients at the best time. Why? Because suppliers limit the amount of credit they offer for these transactions. Once the available credit is exhausted, the client cannot place further orders - unless there is cash on the table. However, even with PLN 100 million in annual turnover, our client does not always have enough cash on hand.

Fortunately, Facil offers a payment deadline extension service. This allows businesses to quickly react to price changes and increase their profitability. We can provide similar benefits for your company, even on a larger scale. We do not charge any fixed fees (we calculate our margin when closing the transaction), so you can just as easily use our service regularly or just on occasion, to take advantage of a really good offer. Where necessary, we can also provide insurance for the contract. We have a solution for every situation!

Renewable energy

Solar power is more popular than ever However, companies providing solar power installations are often limited by their ability to purchase the components they need. Our payment deadline extension service has opened up new opportunities.

The figures coming out of the renewable energy market are very optimistic. Rising electricity prices are driving the development of alternative power sources and spurring the rapid proliferation of photovoltaic installations. It is not just homeowners who are deciding to install solar panels - increasingly, businesses and managers of housing blocks are doing the same. All for the good of the environment... and our bank balances. However, due to their limited financial resources, our client operating in this fast-growing market segment felt constrained in their ability to purchase all the solar cells and other components they needed. The fact that they were paid after installations were completed was preventing them from taking more orders. The solution for this client was our special offer for the renewable energy industry, with a faster approval process and attractive pricing. As a result, our client is now able to respond quickly to ever-increasing demand.

Trade sector

Sell at a profit, pay later When selling on the Internet, any business’s success depends on pricing and delivery times. With our help, you can purchase goods and pay for them only once you've sold them. A client who sells products on a popular online platform needs to offer goods at the best possible prices and deliver them to customers as quickly as possible. This means that they have to take advantage of whatever bargains are on offer from their various supplies and maintain a variety of products in stock. In practice, this requires a significant commitment of financial resources.

Thanks to Facil's services, the client can purchase goods from its many suppliers at the best possible prices and pay for them only after they have been sold to customers. By adapting to market conditions, they can boost turnover and grow their business without having to commit its own limited resources. If you also operate a small or medium-sized business, you will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunities our solution can offer you. Find out the details of our offer today.